This is a limited sampling of design work from over the past 15 years.



As a design strategist advisor at FedEx, I am responsible for representing the user and keeping the focus on the customer in all designs and development. I coordinate design, research, and strategy for the billing, reporting, and claims ARTs, ensuring that six designers and three researchers, along with plenty of vendors, are coordinated and heading towards the same north star.

Originally hired as a strategist for the intake funnel of the commercial portfolio, I also was able to gain unique insights into the Agile structure and how pivotal a role UX plays in high-level corporate initiatives.

USER design

ALSAC/St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The most rewarding job a UX/UI design guy could hope for. Literally helping the people that are fighting pediatric cancer. It was a pleasure to go to work every day. Learning from some amazing colleagues, diving headlong into a mission. As a team, we even attended the hospital talks our docs delivered on updates. Totally invested.

At ALSAC, I was instrumental in the redevelopment of the grassroots donation platform performing focus groups, surveying donation alumni, developing a CSS/JS library, and defining best-in-class donation acquisition themes. During that time, I was also the design lead on Thanks and Giving, St. Jude’s largest giving campaign of the year.

BRAND design

Stanford Career Education

Stanford is a de-centralized campus with massive opportunity to express individual brand standards. Engaging our stakeholders, who range from entering frosh students to Fortune 500 companies, requires a breadth of ideas and campaigns that reach disparate audiences. The identity of each series of communications had to be tailored to not only the stakeholder group, but the CTA we were pursuing. Over my time at Stanford, I have developed 12 campaigns (4 per year) that plot over 10 weeks. The actionable results have increased each year as our brand has become more solidified.

In my role, I also serve as an advisor to other departments pertaining to brand development and communication, as well as telling stories through data. Engagement and retention are constant goals for us, and we push ourselves to reach those stakeholders that most need us, however small their group.


The University of the South

At Sewanee, I directed all digital design strategy and sat on the board of enterprise software procurement for the University. A small but productive marketing department, we were responsible for all aspects of the University’s brand, through internal and external communications, stakeholder engagement, visual identity, brand affinity analytics/marketing, social media, video production, and physical user experience while on the 13,000+ acres of the Domain. Over my five years at Sewanee, I was engaged in all aspects of brand development and management, from the smallest signage, to a three year digital outreach strategy.

I also bartended at the Sewanee Inn.


ballet memphis

ballet memphis was a client of Central Group for a decade. We produced video, print, digital, animation, experiences, and custom projects for the company and artistic director, Dorothy Gunther Pugh. We were instrumental in helping raise awareness for the company and delivering engaging content both online and during performances. When we were contracted, the main mission of the ballet was to raise its profile as a destination company. We worked with agencies and marketing firms to build branded collateral and assets that were used across the design system. This was some of the most rewarding work I have done in my career.