Virginia Rental Agreement Law

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1. damages due to the decrease in the fair value of the housing unit; or “lease start date”, the date on which the tenant is entitled to occupy the dwelling unit as a tenant. A landlord and tenant can agree in a rental agreement that the tenant pays the prepaid rent. When a lessor receives prepaid rent, it is transferred to a trust account with a state-insured custodian and authorized to conduct transactions in Virginia until the end of the fifth business day following the prepaid lease and remains in the account until the prepaid rent is due. Unless the landlord is not entitled to obtain a portion of the prepaid rent otherwise, it may not be withdrawn from the trust account required in this section without the written consent of the tenant. B. A person who is not a tenant or authorized resident of the housing unit and who has obtained a court order in accordance with the provisions of Article 16.1 to 279, paragraph 1 or paragraph B, of ยง 20-103, which grants that person possession of the premises to the exclusion of one or more tenants or authorized residents, may provide the owner with a copy of this order and file an application for ten ten days, to become a tenant of this housing unit by entering such an order. If that person`s rental application meets the lessor`s tenant selection criteria, that person may become a tenant of such a residential unit under a written tenancy agreement. If that person makes an application for a tenancy and does not meet the criteria for selecting the tenant, that person must leave the dwelling unit no later than 30 days after the date on which the lessor informs that person in writing that his or her application for a tenancy has been refused. If that person does not make available to the owner a copy of the protection order and submits an application for a tenancy to the owner within 10 days, as provided for in this division, that person must leave the dwelling unit no later than 30 days after the date of entry of this order.

That person is liable to the owner for the failure to clear the dwelling unit in accordance with this section. The lessor may terminate the lease by informing the lessee of his intention to terminate the lease 14 days in advance, on the basis of the lessor`s finding that such damage requires the lessee`s repair and that the use of the premises is seriously affected, the lease ending at the end of the notice period. One. No landlord can ask for or receive a deposit, whatever it is, for an amount greater than two months` rent. In the event of termination of the rental agreement or the date on which the tenant clears the residential unit, whichever last happens, this deposit, whether it is a property or money held by the lessor as security under this section, may only be paid by the lessor on (i) the payment of the accumulated rent, including the reasonable fees indicated in the rental agreement for late payment of rent, are applied; (ii) payment of the amount of the damage suffered by the lessor as a result of the lessee`s failure to comply with subsections 55.1 to 1227, less appropriate wear and tear; (iii) other damages or costs, as provided for in the rental agreement; or (iv) actual damages for breach of the rental agreement in accordance with paragraphs 55.1 to 1251. The deposit and any deductions, damages and costs are indicated by the owner in a written notification to the tenant, as well as an amount due to the tenant, within 45 days of the date of termination of the rental agreement. From the date of termination of the rental agreement or the date on which the tenant evacuates the dwelling unit, whichever last happens, the tenant is required to hand over the ownership of the housing unit to the owner. .

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