Uw Indirect Cost Rate Agreement

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This is a rather unusual situation, but we will accept the reward of the M&A phrases awarded by the sponsor. As the sponsor has provided additional funds to cover the new R&A rates, we will charge the new rates to the project. In addition, the Agency has provided the new interest rates based on our fiscal year, which allows us to obtain a higher R&A rate earlier than initially planned. It also means that at some point we will apply two different R&A rates in a single budget period. In the past, off-campus projects had to take place in institutions that were not owned by the institution, AND in institutions for which the rent was directly allocated to the project. The agreement signed in October 2018 stipulates that the off-campus rate applies to activities carried out in institutions that are not owned by the institution or in institutions to which the rent is directly allocated to the project. Direct costs are those that are identified with a relatively high degree of accuracy for a particular project. R&A costs are those related to a common or common goal that benefits from more than one cost goal and cannot be easily attributed to a particular sponsored project. R&A costs are also called indirect costs or IDC.

You must use the applicable rates from 30.06.2022. For example, a research project with a budget period starting on 01.7.2022 should use an R&A rate of 55.5%. They will be informed as soon as there is a new collective agreement. RSP will accept the price and indicate in SFS the full direct costs of the budget and all indirect costs (R&A) as stated in the award notice, but we will set the R&A rate so that they are calculated at the rates initially proposed. In this way, the IP can access funds at direct costs, as originally planned. These rates change and are updated annually. GIM 3: Fringe Benefit Conseil and Sponsored Projects The budget proposed to the sponsor must use the rate approved by the F&A Rate Waiver. The equipment is personal, non-superfluous material property with a lifespan of more than one year and an acquisition cost of $5,000 or more per unit.

The UW sets R&A rates that will be used for sponsored program activities when budgeting the offer. These R&A rates take into account the R&A costs incurred for the realization of the project. The proposals should use the R&A rate that came into effect at the beginning of a budget period for the entire budget period. Use the provisional interest rate if, in the proposal budget, the performance period exceeds the expiry date of the last interest rate set out in the R&A collective agreement. The Sponsor must use the R&A rate in effect at the time the prize is awarded….