Quilt Agreement

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The agreement is valid until May 2022 and includes two additional option years for a total of five years. The products and services of all manufacturers include: Carahsoft`s partnership with The Quilt began in May 2016, when it secured its core distribution management service contract for the distribution of VMware and AirWatch solutions to authorized quilt buyers. This new agreement has been proposed and expanded competitively to offer products and services to six licensed manufacturers and allows Carahsoft to add additional technology solutions, as agreed by The Quilt. This expanded offering allows Quilt members and their authorized buyers to purchase Carahsoft products and services covering multiple vertical areas, including data center modernization, virtualization, cybersecurity, and cloud services and infrastructure. The agreement is valid until May 2022 and includes two additional option years for a total of five years. Carahsoft and authorized resellers are common products and services, including software licenses, managed services, By this new agreement, we are pleased to collaborate with Carahsoft to provide a valuable contractual vehicle of the consortium, with which our Quilt members and their member communities are made up of thousands of educational institutions. , Public and local authorities, health organizations, non-profit organizations and libraries can access deep discounts for VMware and related services, said Jen Leasure, president of The Quilt. “We are pleased to conclude this new agreement with The Quilt to bring major network service providers to thousands of educational and research institutions,” said Martin Gavin, Program Manager for The Quilt at Carahsoft. “As the public sector tries to modernize its IT infrastructure, partnering with The Quilt allows us to provide these organizations with lower-cost solutions, services and training to maximize their investments and enable them to better carry out their education missions.” The Quilt is the country`s most advanced national non-profit coalition of regional research and education. Participants in The Quilt provide advanced network services and applications to more than 400 universities and thousands of other educational institutions, public and local authorities, health promotion organizations and libraries. Including: Data Center Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure, Networking and Security, Storage and Availability, Hyper-Converged Infrastructure, Virtualization and Cloud Management Platform, Digital Workspace, Desktop and Application Virtualization Management, Enterprise Mobility Management, Personal Desktop, and Applications and Data Platform. .

These solution providers are now available in addition to the following providers: “The public sector needs more than ever the tools and services it can trust to safely support digital services and remote employees,” says Martin Gavin, Program Manager at The Quilt at Carahsoft. That`s why we are very pleased to be able to offer a large pool of large technology manufacturers to better meet the needs of our educational institutions and non-profit organizations across the country. We are also proud to work with The Quilt to optimize access to these solutions at a lower cost, maximize investment and ensure they can continue to accomplish their missions. ยป