I am a UX designer/strategist with a strong motion graphic and visual storytelling background. I would like to help integrate digital content and applications with people’s happiness.
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Professional strengths


Always challenging myself and my team to develop applications and content that are not only visually stunning, but also do good in the world.


Led teams of designers and developers, at speed, to always strive for a better product. Design, develop, and deliver with details.


Over two decades in marketing, product, design, and advertising, one can pick up some hobbies. I personally love color grading video and developing functional, beautiful user applications.


When it comes to delivering on time, my fear of failure and love of my team pushes me to succeed. Whatever gets the job done.

Some of the great people I have had the privilege to work with.

References available upon request.
Design/UX apps

Figma, AdobeXD (et. al.), Azure
I have used multiple platforms to relay design initiatives, consistently relying on the current standards (and the devs favorite) to deliver an elegant, functional product.


I have led teams in agency, corporate, and higher ed settings. All have different skill sets and demands, but collaboration and communication remain constants. Delegation to team members strengths has been a guiding principle in every workplace.


Over my career, I have picked up skills from incredibly talented colleagues. Among these are video (shooting & editing), photography, audio (editing & production), as well as various other story-telling mediums.